Making Wait Times for Hips & Knees a Thing of the Past


High-quality surgical care outside of Canada’s borders, just keeps getting better. The first-ever Center of Excellence located outside of the U.S.A., now offers Orthopedic services for Hip & Knee Replacement to Canadians – in exquisite Cancun. Making wait times a thing of the past.

Global Healthcare Connections has partnered with NASH, North American Specialty Hospitals, to offer private-pay services at a Canadian-accredited hospital in Cancun to American standards, with US surgical equipment and supplies, and US Surgeons. For those looking for quality medical care abroad, this specialized program with GHC and NASH is a top choice. 

We are delighted to make NASH available to Canadians through our relationship with GHC, a true leader in international medical travel and tourism,” says Jim Polsfut, CEO, chairman and co-founder of NASH. “GHC will provide an invaluable service to our patients from Canada, based on GHC’s long and successful history of proactively managing the transfer of medical records, logistical arrangements and travel on behalf of Canadians seeking medical care abroad.”

Cancun is a popular and accessible location, features comparable price points, and has non-stop flights through many Canadian centers.


Your Pain Ends Here  



The NASH platform features U.S. surgical equipment, U.S. medical supplies, U.S. clinical protocols, U.S. performance metrics, the engagement of U.S. surgeons at every step from pre-op through post-op, an attached Sheraton Four Points hotel, and a hospital facility accredited by both the U.S.-based Joint Commission International as well as Accreditation Canada.