We travel not to escape life...  but for life not to escape us. 


When it comes to healthcare, everyone has a story.



All of us at Global Healthcare Connections have personally experienced a significant medical challenge in our lives.

We have lost family and friends, and we have someone close living with a chronic health condition, or trying to live with a debilitating critical illness, like multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

Founded in 2010 by Adele Kulyk, Global Healthcare Connections is a team of experienced International Health Care Navigators. We provide information and options so individuals just like you, can make educated and empowered decisions about your health.

We are changing the way healthcare is delivered to Canadians by offering access to private, affordable medical services, without the wait. When faced with a difficult and confusing medical situation, where you live geographically may limit your access to medical specialists. We review and verify their expertise in treating your specific condition. For over 7 years, we have been connecting specialists, surgeons, surgical centers, and most importantly, our clients, to affordable, safe, licensed and accredited health care services at locations in Canada, the USA and around the world, so you can access care no matter where you live. If you have a serious medical concern, call us today and learn about the advantage of having access to doctors offering the latest medical technologies and treatments, worldwide.  


GHC The company



To connect people with high quality, accredited and affordable healthcare services worldwide.


To provide our clients accessibility to the highest level of specialty medical and dental treatments, affordable diagnostic and surgical procedures at world class partnered facilities without long delays.

Our Global Healthcare Network

Our networked healthcare providers and fabulous support staff all have the same focus: to provide individualized and optimal healthcare treatments, and to make your medical travel and healthcare tourism experience as comfortable as possible. The selection of medical centers within our network is based upon a number of criteria which includes review of several benchmarks such as international, domestic, clinical and service credentials, licenses, board certifications and accreditation. We also consider the physician and hospital or clinics' history working with international patients and language fluency.

While many of our clients are capable of coordinating their medical travel on their own, we are able to reduce the amount of time, stress and the number of steps involved in order to set up your treatment. 

our team


Adele Kulyk

CEO and Founder of Global Healthcare Connections Inc®

Adele established Global Healthcare Connections in 2010 after experiencing the complexities of navigating the Canadian Healthcare System, and the difficulties of searching for Cancer Treatment options in International Healthcare. Through her research Adele came to understand that medical travel and healthcare tourism offered access to multiple treatment options, many of which were not available in Canada.

Seen as a leader in the Canadian Medical Travel Industry, Adele became Canada’s first Certified Medical Tourism Specialist in October of 2012. With a deep understanding of the entire process of traveling for medical services, she works to ensure that the services offered by GHC take the stress and worry out of traveling for treatment, this can be directly correlated to a more positive clinical outcome for the patient who has to travel.

Today, Adele connects people wanting to take control of their personal health, by presenting private healthcare options to medical and dental specialties at accredited hospitals and clinics worldwide.

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Adele Kulyk- Business Success Stories - Government of Canada Business Network



Dr. Pradosh Kumar Panigrahi,  M.D., M.C., Ph.D., P.D.F.R.A.

Medical Director and V.P. of International Development at GHC, Assistant Professor Department of Internal Medicine No. 4 Odessa National Medical University

Dr. Panigrahi, MD, dedicates his service to support the GHC commitment, helping our clients find solutions to accessible, affordable health treatment options at world class partner medical facilities. Fluent in five languages, English, Russian, Hindhi, Ukranian and Oriya, Dr. Panigrahi studied medicine at Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine, where he received his PhD in Cardiology, he is currently Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine No4, ONMU.

Dr. Panigrahi's Ph.D. was based on the Optimization of Complex Treatment of Myocardial Infarction Especially After Thrombolytic Therapy. Dr. Panigrahi has pioneered magnetic therapy for the treatment of recurrent myocardial infarctions.

Vice President of IBMS, USA he has further interest in the development of Medical Partners, Business Strategy and International Development Projects to promote positive and stable growth of the Medical Travel and Global Healthcare Tourism Industry. 


Department of Internal Medicine №4Odessa National Medical University

IBMS Vice President USA -  IBMS Executive Director CIS COUNTRIES/CANADA



Tammy Ceaser 

Health Care Navigator & Patient Advocate

Active and engaged in the medical tourism industry since 2010, Tammy's passion is to help others. Tammy knows first hand what traveling abroad for surgery entails, having traveled to Mexico for bariatric surgery herself in 2010. After traveling to Mexico and experiencing the warmth and hospitality of the country, as well as the high quality of privatized care, she has traveled with many patients, serving as a knowledgeable companion and cheerleader to those who want to take control of their health. 

As your health care navigator, Tammy will be with you every step of the way, providing you and your family with logistical help, emotional support, and the best patient advocacy possible. Rest assured, you are not alone.



Marsha Matheson 

Travel Specialist

Marsha has been in the travel industry for 30 + years with experience in medical travel & tourism, destination weddings, and single travel. Today, she specializes in Medical Travel and Health Tourism as part of the team at Global Healthcare Connections in Saskatoon, SK.  Marsha has first hand experience at meeting your specific travel needs. Being both knowledgeable and experienced, GHC clients are able to speak with someone who understands accessible travel needs.

Marsha is passionate about providing clients with top-notch personal service that leads to an exceptional travel experience, having visited multiple destinations throughout her many years in the travel industry.