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We help you find the care you need.  With Global Healthcare Connections as your navigator, it's easy to find private surgical and medical treatment options, integrative cancer treatment, clinical trials and cutting edge health innovation.

We are your Canadian Connection to Private Surgical Options, Precision Medicine for Cancer  & Complete Medical Travel and Health Tourism services.


We specialize in helping people just like you. 

As healthcare costs escalate, and delays in treatment continue, an increasing number of Canadians and Americans seek reliable and trustworthy alternatives to access health services.

GHC has access to an elite network of physicians, certified clinics and hospitals, hotels, and tourism options- all coupled with exceptional service and quality care, the kind of care that we believe each patient deserves while on their journey to improved health. You will be treated with customized personal care by one of our highly knowledgeable staff, so you can be comfortable, confident, and educated about every aspect of your medical travel and treatment.


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We know that when you have a complex or chronic disease or disorder, searching for and planning to travel for medical services can be stressful and full of unknowns. If you don't know where to look, or how to navigate healthcare services, it can be difficult to get the help you need. Global Healthcare Connections Closes That Gap.

With nearly 10 years experience managing the care of medical travelers from around the world, we know who to call to get action. 

  • Gain instant access to an extensive global network of Medical Specialists in Obesity, Oncology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Spine, Stem Cell Treatments, Dental & Diagnostics. 

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and trusted company to look after all the details in research, planning and booking your complete medical travel experience.

  • Get personalized attention and expert advice on traveling for medical treatment. 





"An April 2017 study from researchers at the Mayo Clinic finds that nearly 9 in 10 people who go for a second opinion after seeing a doctor are likely to leave with a different diagnosis from what they were first told. Among those with updated diagnoses, 66% received a refined or redefined diagnosis, while 21% were diagnosed with something completely different than what their first physician concluded."  


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With a GHC medical travel adviser by their side our clients consistently report a reduction in stress and worry.


“I am so pleased I used Global Healthcare Connections for my medical tourism needs. Upon meeting Dr. Loria, I immediately felt at ease. I’m going back for an implant in a few months and I will, without a doubt, use GHC again.”
- Pearl K., Dental Client, Canada
"A huge 'Thank You' to Adele and the GHC Team. Thank you to my traveling partner Maria and all your devoted time. Words cannot express how happy and healthy I feel after my surgery. I was treated very well by all the staff at Almater Hospital!! Special thanks to Dr. Luque, a special surgeon who gave me a new outlook on life." 
- Virginia M, Plastic Surgery Client; Canada
"With the cutting-edge knowledge that Adele and her team have, it is well worth it to have her services in time of need, especially when it comes to the health of a loved one. Thank you Adele! I would recommend you to anyone." 
- Tracee B, wife of Cancer Client; Canada