Global Healthcare Connections (GHC) opens the door to Canadian patients for high quality surgical care delivered outside of Canada at prices far below those in the U.S..  The first-ever Center of Excellence located outside of the U.S.A., NASH now offers its U.S. platform of service deployed in Cancun to Canadians seeking to self-pay for expedited hip and knee replacements. Read more here 

NASH offers hip and knee replacement surgery with US Surgeons in Cancun!

Making orthopedic waiting lists a thing of the past.  The international network of high quality surgical facilities and surgeons that GHC is known for has grown once again with NASH, North American Specialty Hospital.  The NASH platform features U.S. surgical equipment, U.S. medical supplies, U.S. clinical protocols, U.S. performance metrics, the engagement of U.S. surgeons at every step from pre-op through post-op, an attached Sheraton Four Points hotel, and a hospital facility accredited by both the U.S.-based Joint Commission International as well as Accreditation Canada.

This exclusive, private-pay program caters to the Canadian patient, who can be on a plane for surgery within a month from their first phone call to GHC. Located in sunny Cancun, clients will experience the warmth, professionalism, and state-of-the-art personalized customer service at a JCI Accredited facility. 


About North American Specialty Hospital (NASH)

NASH is committed to an exceptional level of quality in healthcare providing transparent, competitive, and bundled pricing options. This is accomplished through their international resources of physicians and state of the art facilities. Delivering clinical care in Cancun with headquarters in Colorado, NASH solves restrictive procedure options and waiting times for Canadian patients by sharing an opportunity for health, vitality, and a quality of life on a much quicker, grander scale.   

The NASH Patient Experience incorporates a wide array of features, all of which are patient-focused, including: travel-related arrangements, continuity of care, concierge services on-site in Cancun, private electronic transfer of medical records, and companion accommodations with tourism opportunities.

NASH is a U.S. majority-owned and managed entity, offering pre-operative and post-operative services throughout the U.S. and clinical care in Cancun. GHC is a Canadian leader in medical travel and tourism, bringing you peace of mind through healthcare navigation.