4 Factors to Consider If Medical Travel is for You


Is a Medical Trip Right for You?

1) We Select Only the Best!

Global Healthcare Connections Inc. has networked with a wide range of healthcare providers which include JCI, NON-JCI hospitals and clinics for speciality treatments. The selection of medical centers within our network is based upon a number of criteria. The criteria for selection includes: a review of international, domestic, clinical and service credentials, licenses, board certifications and accreditations.

2) Thorough Assessments are made for Medical & Dental Professionals in Our Network

At Global Healthcare Connections we review the credentials of the physicians and their history of working with international patients, ensuring we put our clients in the best hands available. Our team have personally met many of the physicians and dentists within our network, making on-site visits to the medical centers. During the visits, the physicians, use of technology, as well as the modernity of the laboratory and diagnostic equipment were reviewed and assessed.

3) Our Clientsā€™ Experience is Our First Priority

Our clients are impressed by the quality of care, clean environment, professional doctors and personalized attention they receive through our healthcare services network. You can expect the same quality, and generally better, from our networked healthcare facilities abroad as you would find at home.

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Just GO!! 

When selecting a healthcare provider from our network, you are choosing from the most experienced medical professionals in the world, complimented by follow up care with nurses and health care providers who understand how difficult it is to be away from home. It is their priority to make international medical travelers feel welcome and comfortable, leaving with a wonderful medical tourism experience.

4) You Like to Travel

This may seem obvious, but some people are happy about having an option until they realize they need to get on a plane. They may not enjoy air travel, are concerned about the trip home, or not even have a passport! The GHC Team obviously sees all the benefits to traveling abroad, so please ask us if you have any concerns in this area!