Don't let a Cancer Diagnosis Paralyze you with Fear

Anyone who has cancer or has overcome cancer, can tell you how it can paralyze you with fear, uncertainty and doubt, all of which directly impact your quality of life.

Within physician groups and government, it is widely known that there is a big gap between worldwide cancer knowledge and the current standard of care available in many parts of Canada.  

It is understandable then, that due to limitations in our Canadian public healthcare system, it is unlikely that your doctor is aware of all the beneficial options available to you, and it is probable that your prescribed cancer treatment may be missing some key elements in testing, treatment and important nutritional therapies that can have a profound positive impact on your quality of life and survival.  

Personalized research can significantly narrow that gap.  There is so much more you can do! 


When people empower themselves with knowledge, they have the opportunity to explore advancements in diagnostics, treatment and nutritional choices which can directly impact your quality of life and your survival.

We have been paying close attention to leading nutritional information, talking with and learning from leading scientists, researchers and integrative cancer practitioners that are influencing nutritional knowledge for cancer care.  This is important, because most physicians and oncologists do not address nutrition despite the fact that research supports that up to 70% of cancers are due to diet, this just astounds us!  

If you need some help, we have a ton of resources including some amazing oncology connections ready to provide you with unbiased information on specific nutrients and treatment options that are known to play a significant role when fighting your cancer. You can rest assured knowing that the information provided by GHC is based on solid scientific and clinical outcomes data so you can make informed decisions about your care.

Never will one modality cure or manage a cancer – just as no one risk factor is the cause and cancer frequency does not equate to cancer mortality. Encourage your own cancer recovery with sound nutrition, and healthy lifestyle including a whole mind and body approach to recovery.