How Canadian Medical Travel Tourism Works with Global Healthcare Connections

Traveling for medical services can be stressful, full of unknowns - that's where the expertise of GHC makes all the difference. With our GHC medical travel advisers to guide them, our clients consistently report a reduction in stress and worry, knowing we are here to help navigate the complexities of healthcare.

We help you navigate to get the healthcare services you need in Canada and abroad. 

We've been navigating healthcare options at home in Canada and abroad for nearly a decade. Rest assured you will receive private medical services, such as cancer treatment options and testing, minimally invasive spine surgery, hip and knee replacements, bariatric surgery and many other treatments, with the best practitioner and without the wait. Your advantage in connecting with us is instant access to an extensive global network of top-notch Surgeons, as well as specialists in Obesity, Oncology, Orthopedics, Spine, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Treatments.

We keep up to date with new treatment options, clinical trials and cutting edge health innovation so you can access the latest in diagnostics and treatments.  You gain peace of mind knowing at GHC we are experienced healthcare navigators familiar with the concept and delivery of International Healthcare, and that you have a reliable and trusted company to look after all the details in planning and booking your complete medical travel experience whether you are traveling to another province, or another country.

You wouldn't make any other major decision in your life without consulting a professional, experienced adviser - so why research and navigate a healthcare decision on your own?   As a leader in the Medical Travel Industry, Global Healthcare Connections was the first Accredited Medical Travel and Healthcare Tourism Company in Canada.

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