A Smile Is A Curve That Sets Everything Straight


Dental Savings That Give You Something To Smile About.

When you think about it, a single smile can brighten the day, lighten the load and bring joy to the lives of others.

Achieving a beautiful smile can be a life-changing process, and being able to smile without fear or pain while improving overall appearance and self-confidence is the number one reason our clients seek out a dental specialist abroad.

Our clients have combined dental treatments with their vacations and the savings alone have paid for the trip. 

Nothing you wear is as important as your smile!

GHC offers international connections to top quality dental practices offering dental veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and restorative work for a fraction of what you would pay in Canada and the USA. Our partnered Dental Specialists are highly experienced, trained to exacting standards in modern dentistry. 

Our dental implant surgeons use high quality components that are compatible with Canadian and international standards, so maintenance can be continued once you have returned home, at the fee of your personal dentist. 



change your smile, change your life


Who can benefit from dental work abroad?

  • Individuals with weak, cracked, broken or severely worn teeth

  • Individuals with misshapen or discoloured teeth

  • Individuals with dental bridges or dental implants

  • Individuals with one or more missing teeth

  • Healthy individuals with good dental health and hygiene who have lost their teeth due to accident or injury

  • Individuals with uneven and irregularly shaped teeth or widely spaced teeth

  • Individuals with infected or abscessed teeth


Save money on your smile when traveling abroad for the following dental treatments:



A dental implant procedure uses the jaw to keep implanted teeth in place rather than the surrounding teeth. It is an alternative to dentures and bridges.

Dental implants can look quite natural, feel like natural teeth and allow you to speak and eat foods as you would with real teeth. Dental implants do not need to be removed and you can use a toothbrush to clean your teeth.


A dental bridge or fixed bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth by fusing a false tooth or teeth between two porcelain crowns to fill in an empty area in the mouth that has been left by a missing tooth or teeth.


A dental crown is a cap that is shaped like a tooth and placed over a weak tooth. The dental crown restores the shape, size, strength and appearance of a weak, cracked or broken tooth.


A Dental Veneer, also known as a porcelain veneer or laminate, is a thin tooth-coloured shell that is customized for individual patients. By placing the dental veneer on the front surface of the tooth, the appearance of the tooth is improved.

Dental Veneers (or Porcelain Veneers) are used in a variety of cases such as individual discoloured teeth, worn, chipped or fractured teeth, uneven and irregularly shaped teeth, and widely spaced teeth.



Dentures can repair the smile of people who have lost their natural teeth.

Loss of teeth can cause problems with eating and clear speaking. Facial muscles can sag when teeth are no longer there to provide support, changing the appearance of your face.  

Our approved dentists offer three types of dentures:  conventional dentures that are placed in the mouth after tissue has healed, immediate dentures inserted after extracting a tooth and removable partial dentures or over dentures (also known as a dental bridge)  which fits over natural teeth or implants to provide support.


During a root canal procedure, dentists treat and remove the inside of a tooth pulp that has become infected due to deep cavities, cracks or faulty dental fillings. Root canal procedures can save a tooth while removing the infected pulp and prevent damage to the bone around a tooth.


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What Our Clients Say:

"My experience was excellent! Dr. Loria is a highly skilled dentist. The two bridges he made for me fit perfectly, and the whole process took three days instead of 15-21 as quoted in the States. The price quoted was the price I paid, and less than 40% of estimate back home. When I need dental services I will return without hesitation."

- Michael, Dental Restoration Client; USA

"I immediately felt at ease"

"Upon meeting my dentist, Dr. Loria, I immediately felt at ease. He spoke perfect English and was able to answer all my questions. His office was clean and professional. I never felt rushed during any of my appointments-this was very important to me. ...You can't get this level of service in Canada where you pay double the price."

- Pearl K, Dental Client; Canada

"best dentist ever"

"We were very pleased with our experience and both think that we had a "best dentist ever" experience."

My husband had a thorough cleaning and two fillings; he said that for the first time in his life he didn't even feel the needle. I had extensive work done by Global's recommended dentist, Dr. Reynoso. He started with a cleaning and x-rays, always very gentle and thorough. The x-rays showed that I would need 4 crowns plus a bridge replaced. When he removed the old crowns one tooth broke off, he said the tooth had such a big cavity he couldn't believe it hadn't abscessed. As a result, I needed a root canal which was completed by a specialist. Dr. Reynoso then came back in and finished prepping the veneer and fitting temporary crowns. The staff ordered in lunch for us as these were all front teeth and I looked pretty bad!

On Tuesday we were back in the office and Dr. R fitted my new crowns, completed the veneer and 4 fillings. The crowns are, in our opinion, very well done and, in fact, much better than what I had before. Adele, thank you for helping us find the right dentist. I think that is the difference you make. I certainly never expected to have so much work done and now think that if we hadn't gone when we did I would have had a mess to deal with here very shortly. I plan to go back for implants in the future. They are sending an estimate for that work.

To anyone thinking of going to All Dental in Mexico: DO IT, you won't regret it! I'm certain you'll have a great experience!"

- Arlene C, Dental Client; Canada