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You owe it to yourself to get your health and weight back on track for a better quality of life. At Global Healthcare Connections, we will connect you to bariatric surgeons with solid credentials, surgeons that we have personally vetted. We will guide you in the right direction, provide pre & post surgery support, coordinate follow ups and continuity of care.

options for Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery:


Gastric sleeve is a low-risk laparoscopic surgical procedure that induces weight loss by restricting food intake.


Mini Gastric Bypass is an innovative, reduced-risk laparoscopic procedure that is restrictive and malabsorptive.


Gastric Bypass is a surgical procedure that makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine.


Sometimes a revisional surgery may be necessary.


Who May Benefit from Bariatric Surgery?

  • Individuals with a BMI of 40 or more.

  • Individuals with a life-threatening disease or disability related to obesity such as diabetes, liver disease and high cholesterol.

  • Individuals who have been obese for 5 years or more and who have not had success losing weight with other treatments.


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